Collection: Conscious Business - Start, Create & Build High Vibe Businesses

Welcome to Conscious Businesses and Beyond.

I am happy you made the choice to be a gift and a contribution to the planet and to human kind. It is my intention to create, inspire and generate conscious businesses. 

I desire to help facilitate your own truth and  knowing. You are a worthy, special masterpiece. You hold an important piece of the puzzle. Your unique frequency is one of a kind. One in a multiverse. No one else will ever be able to copy your unique signature.

Your energy and your life is a gift, a blessing and a contribution to the world.

You might be thinking, I have no idea how I can help the world. I have no clue what my unique special signature essence is. I have no business experience. What are conscious businesses, how do I know if I have one?

You may have many questions, some confusion and even doubts. There are no right or wrong responses. I hope to answer your questions and give you some insights on how you can create a conscious business that not only contributes to the world, it equally contributes to you.

I am a believer that spiritual practices have practical benefits. I believe in bringing esoteric wisdom into my life, in order to make my day to day living even better. I have a body. My body has needs and requirements. Supporting myself emotionally, physically and financially are my basic human rights. I am worthy.