About Me - Mission Story

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."  Abraham Hicks quote. 

I experienced many changes in my reality when I became a self help student. In my 20's I tried to create change with "massive actions" as I learned from one of my favorite mentors, Tony Robbins. I am a fan of massive action, but I discovered I judged myself when I did not sustain my "massive action" goals.

In my 30's I discovered teachers Wayne Dyer and Abraham Hicks. "Your thoughts create your reality."  Popular law of attraction quote. These tools helped me get picky about my thoughts. I realized I could intentionally direct my thoughts to create. I found success with both emotional manifestations and material manifestations.

In my 40's I found another important piece from Access Consciousness. Access Consciousness introduced me to the idea that "Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing." Gary Douglas, founder of Access shares their mantra, "All life comes to me with ease, joy & glory."

In my 50's I wanted to use the power of my thoughts, aligned massive action and allowance to create a business that would make my heart sing and be of service to others. Tony Robbins teaches us if we love what we are doing and if we are in service to our customers, we will experience outstanding results.

I wanted to share my love of high vibing quotes. I wanted to provide people with beautiful and useful products. 

Designing fun and playful items instantly raises my vibration. It is my intent that these feel good products are a contribution to you. Start your day with a high vibing cup of coffee, tea or lemon water and a fun writing journal. Quotes and mantras quickly remind us to point in the direction of where we want to go. "Tell it the way you want it to be." Abraham Hicks

My mission is to assist and bring awareness that "life is supposed to be fun". I want everyone to have happy products. Happy products feel good when you see them, touch them and think about them. Designing and creating happy products makes my heart sing. 

I am a law of attraction facilitator. I inspire women to mind their own business. Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt is a fun slogan to remind yourself to manage your own set point. Release the victim mindset and stand in your boss lady mindset. Raise your vibration. Change your setpoint.

Thanks for listening,

Sabrina Brightstar